Recently I've noticed the girls that I coach with AdvoCare have had a lapse in continuing their supplements/workout routine after finishing their 24 Day Challenge so I was trying to think of ways to get everyone motivated again. My school has a fitness challenge that comes around once a year and I really liked it so I want to follow that same outline!

Long story short, the person with the most points at the end of the challenge wins a pot of money!! Who doesn't like winning cash, amiright?

To earn points:
1 pt for every healthy meal - total 3pts
1 pt for water goal - total 1 pt
3 pts for exercise - total 3 its
-2 pts for (unhealthy) fast food
**Can earn up to 7 points/day

Points will be tracked in an online spreadsheet via google sheets (click the hyperlink to be taken there)

To enter, you MUST be on at least one supplement from AdvoCare. Unsure of which ones would work best for you? Either take this quiz or email me at! You also have to buy in for $3 - so if 10 people enter the challenge, the winner takes home $30! Just shoot me an email or text and I will add you.

This challenge will depend on each person's integrity and telling the truth on how many points they've earned every day. I will create a group message specifically for this challenge and reporting points every day.

DEADLINE TO ENTER: AUGUST 13, 2017 at 10pm

If I have a lot of success with this challenge, I plan on creating bigger pots and better prizes for a first, second, and third place when/if we do another one.

So let's get motivated people!!

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