Truth Thursday - AdvoCare is NOT Too Expensive

I have a challenge for those of you who read my blog (No, it's not a 24 Day Challenge) but to go look through your bank statements for the past year and add up all of the money you have spent out to eat. For me and Cody personally, that total averaged around $200+ each month.

That was $200/month going to crappy drive through food, bloated bellies, weight gain, unhealthy habits, horrible self-image, and much more. $200/month totals around $2400/year on food that was doing NOTHING for us.
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If you don't feel like looking through all of your bank statements - I don't blame you, it's a reality check holy moly - here's some statistics on the average amount of money spent on food at a restaurant vs. food at home. Even the lowest income levels spend close to $1100 on food (restaurant or fast food) every year.

Cody and I have shifted our spending habits from food that makes us feel awful physically and emotionally to buying AdvoCare supplements that help us reach our goals and have made a WORLD of difference in both our health and financial well-being.

I have people on a weekly basis who tell me AdvoCare is way too expensive and that they could never afford it - well that can be true if you're not willing to work around your budget and figure out how to make it work. Even I made excuses for the longest time about not being able to afford it before I reached a dead end in my weight loss efforts and decided enough was enough.

So how much do Cody and I spend each month on AdvoCare products? Monthly I'm usually buying catalyst, spark, and probiotics. Some months I will add in meal replacement shakes, Omegaplex, or Thermoplus because those last longer than a months supply. So for two people, that equals out around $128 a month. So even with these "super expensive supplements" we end up not only SAVING money each month, but now we feel and look better which are priceless feelings to have.

I'll let you in on a little secret too - ever since I've become a distributor for AdvoCare, I never pay out of pocket for supplements AND I'm making extra money on top of that each month. 

So let's be honest with ourselves, there is no reason to let something as silly as the idea that it is too expensive get in the way of doing something to better YOU. Now that you know how easy it can be to reach your goals, what is stopping you?

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