Advocare 24 Day Challenge - Super Honest Review

So I am completely done with my Advocare 24 Day Challenge and as promised - here is my FULL review. Let's start with my before and after results, because who doesn't love those? (okay, me.... I hate my before pictures but I'll get over it for the sake of this review)


Measurements: (Before > After)
Chest: 34in > 32in
Waist: 28in > 25 1/2in
Hips: 36in > 34in
Thigh: 22in > 21in
Weight: 149 > 138 

In total, I've lost 11 pounds and about 8 inches! Not only did I lose that, but I started gaining my self confidence back! I can fit into my old jeans again finally (even if I did just buy the next size up a few months ago *insert eye roll*) I'd like to note that I didn't change my eating habits (I've been eating clean for a while now), but I did change up my exercise routine. Instead of vigorous exercising 5-6x a week, I tuned it down to 3-4x a week and only one or two short cardio sessions. Who would have thought that exercising less would yield more results???

Now for a more in-depth look at the past month (two phases: cleanse and max):

First 10 days (cleanse phase): This was my favorite part of the challenge if we're being honest. The products used these ten days were as follows - Spark, herbal cleanse pills, fiber packets, and OmegaPlex. If you learn anything at all from this entire review, it's that the fiber packets are absolutely disgusting and taste like sludge on their own...... (but mix with 8oz. of orange juice and you cannot taste a thing!) oh, yeah and be near a bathroom within thirty minutes of drinking it... 'nough said. I made the mistake of drinking it before my commute to my school campus and I regretted my decision. MOVING ON. If you're like me and hate coffee, but looking for an alternative that will help you stay awake all day, Spark will quickly become one of your favorite products. I'm not going to lie, I just ordered two tubs of it. That mix makes me feel like I can move a mountain.... or five.

Last 14 days (max phase, or pill phase honestly): Y'all, I almost quit at least 5 times because of how many pills it wanted me to take. Here's everything involved - Spark, MNS3, Meal Replacement shakes, Catalyst, Thermoplus, and OmegaPlex. The MNS3 pills contained close to 200 pills to be taken over 14 days. 200!!!!!! That's absolutely insane and many times the pills made me so nauseous I couldn't eat - so I ditched the pills. I'd rather be overweight than wanting to throw up all day. **NOTE: This is not typical for others that I've talked to who have done the challenge, I just think they were maybe interacting weird with my daily medication I'm on for my hypothyroidism** The meal replacement shakes were decent, definitely filling - I could never finish my entire shake. As for the Catalyst and Thermoplus - those pills became my new best friend. Catalyst aids in maintaining your muscle mass during your weight loss and Thermoplus promotes your metabolism. These two things paired together did something that a clean diet/exercise alone could never do for me - helped me really lose the weight and tone up like I've been trying so hard to do for so long. 

I loved these products so much that I decided to become a distributor - not to become like one of those annoying It Works distributors and harass all of my Facebook friends, but to really fall in love with the process of becoming the best version of myself and get great discounts while doing it ;) However, if you are interested in trying some of the products yourself, click here or shoot me an email and let's talk about what your goals are. 

Hope you enjoyed this review!

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