Advocare 24 Day Challenge - BOX RECEIVED

Hey guys!! I know I have been AWOL since August, but in my defense, school started back and Fall semester was no joke. All of my free time was spent studying and to my own surprise, I even made DEAN'S LIST.

So it's obvious that I'm making some serious changes in my life - my college degree, moving to a different city, to now focusing on my health. For the past few months now I've completely changed my eating habits and have focused on working out to be a healthier version of myself. At the beginning of January, I kicked it into high gear and started to ~seriously~ start weight lifting and not focus so much on the cardio side of things.

A lot of the health changes started when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Disease. This means my body doesn't produce the right amount of thyroid hormone, AKA my body's metabolism is slow as molasses and I have to work 10x as hard as "normal" people to produce the same results. Weight loss has been slow for me, but I am definitely noticing changes in my physique even if it's not much.

That is what brought me to the decision of doing the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge! My mom did it a couple years back and looked fantastic afterwards!! She's done it a couple times since then to maintain and her results were enough to convince me. As a student though, the price of AdvoCare turned me off to the whole idea. Well, I've been going through my weight loss "journey" the old-fashioned way and I'm not seeing the results I want, so why not? I figured there's no better investment than yourself so here I am!

Upon opening the box I received:
1 box of Herbal Cleanse
1 Box of AdvoCare Fiber
Three boxes of spark (1 extra for free!)
1 Box of MNS 3
1 Box of Peanut Butter-Chocolate Meal Replacement Shakes
1 Bottle of OmegaPlex
1 Bottle of Catalyst (extra that I purchased)
1 Bottle of ThermoPlus (extra that I purchased)
1 BlenderBottle
1 Pack of Meal Containers
1 Measuring Tape
A complete guide for the 24 Days

So tomorrow I will be taking my "before" pictures and measurements to compare to my "after" pictures and measurements at the end of the challenge! I will be periodically posting updates throughout the entire challenge to keep y'all posted and so I can look back and see results!


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