.... I didn't get into the nursing program

Life has its way of taking its own course... even if it's not what you planned. Like at all. Last week the University of North Georgia sent out letters that let you know if you were admitted or not into their highly competitive Nursing program. If the title of this post hasn't clued you in yet, I didn't get in. Saying it out loud makes it all real. This is the first time I've even gotten around to letting myself think about it. What will I do now? What will my major be? Will I even change my major? Should I try again a year from now?

This is all extremely stressful to say the least. My dreams of helping people, working in a bustling hospital, and living out my Grey's Anatomy fantasy life has been tossed out the window.

So maybe I wasn't meant to be a nurse and it took the harsh reality of not getting into the program to let me know that. I don't regret the classes I've taken (except Medical Microbiology, but if you like that class then I question your sanity). The Human Anatomy courses have been one of the most interesting classes I've ever taken and I love every minute of it.

So maybe I'll pursue a different science major, like Chemistry or Biology and take my chances in applying for medical school and follow in the steps of my brother. I will say that watching him go through that makes that option seem less than ideal... Okay so maybe not med school.

Maybe I'll get a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in psychology and work my way up to be a detective. I've always loved CSI and Law and Order......

Either way, the beauty of this entire ordeal is that I get to recreate my future. Essentially, I get to start over. I've decided to not look at this as an end, but a new beginning. And hey, so I'll be in college a little bit longer than normal. Who wants to grow up anyways? The only thing waiting for me after graduation is a job and bills.

So I've decided to sit back and enjoy the ride. Maybe I'll figure out what I want to do with my life along the way.

I'd love to hear similar stories and how everything turned out for you - maybe you didn't get into your dream college or the sorority you wanted or the job you applied for.

Until next time,

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